Steve Stivers

Steve Stivers


Nuclear Negotiations with Iran


As a member of the military for almost 30 years, I fully understand we must be thoughtful and thorough when forming a strategy for our nation’s involvement in foreign affairs.  President Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify.”  This wisdom applies to many situations, including the Obama Administration’s recent negotiations to curb Iran’s ability to acquire nuclear weapons. I believe the United States needs to do everything we can to prevent a nuclear Iran and should consider all options necessary to meet that goal.  

The Administration has recently been involved in negotiations to stop Iran from creating nuclear weapons. Last month a framework agreement was reached that would lift the economic sanctions on Iran if they reduced their nuclear program. Unfortunately, Iran now insists that the sanctions be lifted as soon as the deal is made final, while the Administration wants the sanctions lifted gradually after the nuclear program has been reduced and verified.  The self-imposed deadline to reach a final agreement is at the end of June.

I have serious concerns about whether this tyrannical regime can be entrusted to fulfill its responsibilities under any agreement. Before sanctions relief can be considered, Iran must stop supporting terrorist organizations, eliminate its nuclear program and end its long history of human rights abuses.  I also believe that since Congress put the sanctions in place, Congress should have a role in approving the deal.  That is why I voted last week to require Congressional review of any final nuclear agreement with Iran before the President can waive or suspend sanctions previously imposed by Congress.

I want to hear your thoughts on how we should move forward on this important issue.  Please take a moment to fill out my survey on the Iran nuclear program negotiations by visiting my website at or a link to the survey will also be on my Facebook page at (RepSteveStivers).

I look forward to hearing from you on this or any federal issues facing our nation.  As always I appreciate the opportunity to serve Ohio’s 15th Congressional District and I invite you to call my Washington D.C. Office at (202) 225-2015, Hilliard Office at (614) 771-4968, Lancaster Office at (740) 654-2654, or Wilmington Office at (937) 283-7049 to share your thoughts with me.

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Stivers Invites High School Students to Military Service Academy Seminar


WASHINGTON –Congressman Steve Stivers (R – OH) invites high school students who are interested in attending one of the United States Military Academies to a Service Academy Seminar to learn more about the schools and application process.

The Seminar will be held on Thursday, May 14, 2015 from 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. at the:

Upper Arlington Municipal Building
3600 Tremont Road
Upper Arlington, Ohio

(Near the intersection of Tremont Rd. & Kenny Rd.)

During the seminar students will receive information about Military Service Academy nominations and the interview processes for the U.S. Air Force Academy, West Point, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the U.S. Naval Academy.  

Students will be able to meet and talk to staff representatives from Stivers’ office.  To RSVP for the Service Academy Seminar please contact Congressman Stivers’ Lancaster District Office at (740) 654-2654. For further information on the military academies please visit

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Stivers' Amendment to Help Veterans Passes House


WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stivers’ (R – OH) amendment to the Fiscal Year 2016 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations passed the House on April 29, 2015.  The amendment will help ensure veterans who are fitted for prosthetics at the VA are seen by certified professionals.

“Our service men and women risk their lives and safety to protect the United States and its freedoms.  As a nation, we share a moral obligation to care for our veterans when they return home and to provide them with meaningful care to help them deal with any service-related injuries they may have,” said Stivers.  “My amendment would help ensure our veterans receive the care they earned and deserve from properly trained professionals.”

Stivers’ amendment would require the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to enforce its own stated credentialing policies for orthotists, prosthetists and other staff members included on VA Amputee Clinic teams. To enforce this, the amendment would also prohibit the VA from paying salaries to uncertified prosthetists and orthotists.  If the amendment remains in the appropriations bill during the Senate process and is signed by the President, it will go into effect on October 1, 2015—the beginning of Fiscal Year (FY) 2016.

The issue was first brought to Stivers’ attention by local news reports exposing flaws at the Chalmers P. Wylie Ambulatory Care Facility and revealing dozens of veterans who received ineffective care from uncertified staff.

The legislation passed last night by a vote of 255-163. CLICK HERE for the full text of H.R. 2029, the House Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill.

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Stivers Introduces SAFE Transitional License Act


WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stivers (R – OH) yesterday introduced H.R. 2121—the SAFE Transitional License Act.  This bill changes the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE) by providing regulatory relief for loan originators in an effort to make a smooth employment transition between bank and non-bank entities. 

“The SAFE Act inhibits job mobility and puts independent mortgage lenders at a considerable disadvantage in recruiting talented individuals,” said Stivers. “Rather than leaving a job on a Friday and starting a new job on a Monday, as most of us do, a loan officer who moves from a federally-insured institution to a non-bank lender must sit on their hands for weeks, even months, while they meet the SAFE Act’s licensing and testing requirements.  This is despite the fact that they have already been employed and registered as a loan officer.  This is simply unfair.”

Currently, the SAFE Act requires mortgage loan originators (MLOs) employed by non-bank lenders to be licensed, which includes pre-licensing and annual continuing education requirements, passage of a comprehensive test and criminal and financial background reviews conducted by state regulators. These MLOs are also registered in the National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS).  By contrast, MLOs employed by federally-insured depositories or their affiliates must only be registered in the NMLS and do not have to meet testing and specific education requirements.

Stivers’ legislation would make a minor change to the SAFE Act to require states to issue transitional licenses to individuals who were employed by a financial institution and are a registered loan originator.  These individuals would be able to continue originating loans for 120 days after being employed by a state-licensed non-depository entity.  Similarly, a state-licensed loan originator in one state who takes a similar position in another state would have a 120-day grace period to obtain a license in the new state.

This bill is a simple solution that would allow these individuals to continue working and underwriting loans, while in no way weakening the important consumer protections of the SAFE Act.

Representatives Terri Sewell (D-AL), Joyce Beatty (D-OH), Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Luke Messer (R-IN) are the bill’s lead co-sponsors.

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Stivers Hosts 2015 Job Fair


As your Congressman, my number one priority is to continue growing and strengthening our economy.  According to a recent Columbus Foundation Study there are, “42,100 unemployed adults as of September 2014 and many more who were not counted as unemployed because they stopped looking for work.”  This is unacceptable and we must find ways to get more Americans back to work.

Since 2011 I have held a Job Fair to connect Central Ohioans with good-paying jobs.  This year my Job Fair will be held on Monday, May 11, 2015 from 10:00am-4:00pm at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, near the Schottenstein Center on The Ohio State University Campus.  Parking for the job fair is free and there is no cost to participate in the fair.

I am excited to announce this year there are more than 70 companies taking part, with about 5,500 jobs available, including: FedEx Ground, Huntington Bank, Nationwide Insurance and Ohio Health , just to name a few.

Also there will be several free workshops at the Job Fair to help equip people with necessary skills to successfully find and secure a job:
•    10:30am: Veterans Workshop- Resume Writing and LinkedIn
Presented by Hero2Hire
•    11:00am: Workshop 1- Tips and Tools for Resume Writing
Presented by the State of Ohio—OhioMeansJobs
•    12:00pm: Workshop 2- Online Application Submission
Presented by the State of Ohio—OhioMeansJobs
•    1:00pm: Workshop 3- Interviewing
Presented by the State of Ohio—OhioMeansJobs

I look forward to seeing you on Monday, May 11 and as always, I appreciate the opportunity to serve Ohio’s 15th Congressional District.  For more information on this year’s Job Fair please call my Hilliard Office at (614) 771-4968, Lancaster Office at (740) 654-2654 or Wilmington Office at (937) 283-7049.  

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Financial Literacy Month


Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman once said, “The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy.”  This month is National Financial Literacy Month and as co-chair of the House Financial and Economic Literacy Caucus, this issue is especially important to me.  Educating people, young and old, about making responsible financial decisions is extremely important.

We must ensure Americans have the knowledge to make sound decisions for a financially secure future. For instance, learning about mutual funds, regularly contributing money into a savings account or even starting a retirement plan for the first time are just a few steps that can make the difference between retiring at a time of your choosing or having to work well past retirement age.

Also as the father of two young children, I know how important it is to begin teaching children about making fiscally responsible decisions, like paying yourself first by placing money into a savings account.  This education becomes even more important as children go into high school and college, as they take a more active role in their financial decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about finances there are many great resources available. I would recommend the U.S. Treasury Department’s resource center, which can be found at  Also,, which has helpful tools like:

•    Free Webinars – You can sign up for free webinars designed to help you on your path to financial wellness. Topics include: goal setting, credit reporting, managing credit, debt repayment and budgeting.
•    Income Worksheet - Use the income worksheet to help you determine the amount of income you can realistically count on.
•    Record of Daily Expenditures - Knowing where your money is going is critical for a successful budget. Track your daily expenses and then ask yourself if you are spending your money wisely.

Completing these simple steps can help you and your family more easily manage your finances and plan for the future.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you on federal issues facing our nation and I appreciate the opportunity to serve Ohio’s 15th Congressional District.  I invite you to call my Washington D.C. Office at (202) 225-2015, Hilliard Office at (614) 771-4968, Lancaster Office at (740) 654-2654, or Wilmington Office at (937) 283-7049 to share your thoughts with me.

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Stivers' Statement on Reauthorization and Reforms to the Export-Import Bank


WASHINGTON—The following statement can be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH) urging Congressional action on reauthorization and reforms to the Export-Import Bank:

"We should reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank as soon as possible. Failing to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank will most certainly hurt jobs at companies like Davenport Aviation in my district, as well as others across the country,” said Stivers.  “For decades, Ex-Im Bank has filled gaps in private sector financing, which would have otherwise resulted in losing export sales by small U.S. companies.”

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Stivers' Bi-Partisan Legislation to Boost Housing Market Passes House


WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stivers’ (R – OH) legislation, H.R. 299 – the Capital Access for Small Community Financial Institutions Act of 2015 – unanimously passed the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday.  This bill would provide regulatory relief for small, community-based enterprises in an effort to boost the housing market.

“Purchasing a home is an important part of the American dream,” said Stivers. “With the continued stagnation in the housing market, I believe it is important to ensure all credit unions have the liquidity and ability to make home loans to their members.  I am excited to see this bill unanimously pass the House and I hope the Senate will pass this common sense legislation”

The Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) System, established in 1932, has been an important source of credit and liquidity for mortgage lending over the past 80 years, particularly for main street institutions.  Although thousands of large and small institutions are members of the FHLB, there are still a small number of privately-insured credit unions, representing firefighters, teachers, churches, and small business which have been blocked from membership for over 20 years, due to a legislative oversight.

Stivers’ legislation corrects this oversight and provides these institutions the ability to apply for membership in the Home Loan Bank System.  Currently, there are a select number of small credit unions in nine states, approximately 132, that are not insured by the federal government, but by a mutual insurance company, governed by credit unions. 

Credit unions did not have federal insurance until 1970, and many small institutions decided to remain privately insured and state regulated.  All of these institutions would qualify as a small community institution.  Private insurance is governed under federal law, and consumer disclosures are regulated by the CFPB. 

Representatives Joyce Beatty (D-OH), Pat Tiberi (R-OH) and Andre Carson (D-IN) were the bill’s lead co-sponsors.

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Portman disturbed by ‘disconnect’ in remarks on Iran nuclear deal


WASHINGTON — Sen. Rob Portman warned on Friday of a “continued disconnect” between what the United States and Iran say they agreed to in a potential deal announced this month aimed at delaying Tehran’s apparent effort to build a nuclear bomb.

In a conference call with Ohio reporters, Portman, R-Ohio, said he was troubled because the United States contends that international economic sanctions imposed on Iran will be lifted gradually as the deal unfolds. By contrast, the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, says he wants all sanctions lifted as soon as a deal is finalized.

“You hear one thing from the administration and we hear another thing from Iran,” said Portman, adding that there is a “continued disconnect between” the U.S. “negotiators’ interpretation” of the principals they agreed will guide future negotiations and what the “Iranians believe they have committed to.”

Portman repeated his call for Congress to examine any nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran and said Congress should “re-impose” previous sanctions if the Iranians do not make an “enforceable commitment.”

On Thursday, Iran’s National Day of Nuclear Technology, Khamenei spoke publicly about the deal framework for the first time, in remarks to a crowd that chanted “Death to America,” Reuters reported. He also said military sites would be off-limits to nuclear inspectors.

The United States, China, Russia, France, Germany and Great Britain have said the agreed-upon framework would limit Iran’s nuclear program and gradually remove economic sanctions that have damaged the Iranian economy.

Portman said he is “interested in seeing the details of the agreement” and would “love to see us be able to conclude an agreement that is enforceable” and that “actually does not permit Iran to be a nuclear power or (on the) threshold of nuclear power.” However, he said that, from what he has heard, he is “not convinced” that the agreement has reached that stage yet.

Other Republicans expressed worries on Friday, with Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Upper Arlington, saying he was “concerned about the ability to enforce the proposed agreement with Iran through weapons inspections.”

Stivers added: “The sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table, and potential sanctions should be used to hold Iran accountable to the spirit and letter of any agreement.”

Rep. Pat Tiberi, R-Genoa Township, likened “dealing with a terroristic state like Iran” to “ dealing with a state like North Korea,” adding it is not surprising that the nation’s leaders will “ manipulate and deceive.”

“While the president believes he can negotiate with terrorist nations, there’s real concern among many of us in Congress that they will never abide by a deal,” Tiberi said.

Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Jefferson Township, called it “imperative” that “we ensure our national security as well as the safety and security” of regional allies.
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Local Students Named Winners in Ohio's 15th Congressional District Art Competition


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Steve Stivers (R – OH) yesterday congratulated Jasmine Haraburda, Michael Dick, Cassidy Boyuk and Selena Dornfeld for placing in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District Art Competition. The competition awards ceremony was held at The Columbus Museum of Art on April 8, 2015 and there were 245 pieces of artwork under consideration for the top prize.

“We had a great turnout of high school students participating in this year’s Congressional Art Competition and I congratulate all of our award winning artists,” Stivers said.  “I would also like to thank all of the students who participated in the competition; it was their artwork that made the event a success.”

Jasmine Haraburda was the first-place winner of the competition.  As the first-place winner Haraburda will have her artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one year. She also will be awarded a trip Washington, D.C. to attend a reception and to see her artwork hung inside the Capitol building.  She is the daughter of Edward and Indira Haraburda and is a sophomore at The Wellington School.  Her first-place piece of art was an acrylic painting of a duck on canvas titled “Marsh Creature.”

Michael Dick won second place in the competition and his art will be displayed in Stivers’ Washington D.C. Office for one year.  He is the son of Susan and Herman Dick and is a senior at Fort Hayes Career Center.  His award-winning work of art is titled “Graphic Construction” and is made of paper cut outs.

Cassidy Boyuk was named the third-place winner in the competition and her artwork will be hung in Stivers’ District Office for a year.  Boyuk is the daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Boyuk and is a sophomore at Hilliard Davidson High School.  Her work of art is untitled and is a self-portrait drawn in pencil.

Selena Dornfeld, the daughter of Mark and Monica Dornfeld and is a senior at Pickerington High School North, was the People’s Choice Award Winner.  The People’s Choice Award goes to the work of art with the most votes in favor of the piece on Stivers’ Facebook Page.  As the People’s Choice winner Dornfeld’s work of art will be displayed in Stivers’ District Office for a year. Her award-winning piece was titled “Kudu Skull” and is an acrylic painting of a kudu skull on a black background.
The Congressional Art Competition is held every year to recognize the extraordinary artistic talents of the nation’s high school students. The goal of the competition is to support and promote the arts and to foster creativity and artistic expression among our nation’s youth. The Congressional Art Competition began in 1982 and since that time, more than 650,000 high school students have been involved with the nationwide competition.

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Contact Information

1022 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-2015
Fax 202-225-3529

Committee Assignments

Financial Services


Raised in Ripley, Ohio, Steve Stivers learned from his mother and father the importance of family, hard work and public service, which have been the values he has carried with him through his life, whether as a student at The Ohio State University, a soldier serving overseas, as a State Senator, or as a Member of Congress.

Stivers is currently serving his third term as a Member of Congress and represents Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, which is made up of 12 counties including: all of Athens, Clinton, Fairfield, Hocking, Madison, Morgan, Perry, Pickaway, and Vinton counties, and parts of: Fayette, Franklin, and Ross counties.

Stivers is serving his third term his third term on the Financial Services Committee, which oversees the banking, insurance, real estate, public and assisted housing, and securities industries. Members who serve on the committee also work on housing and consumer protection legislation and oversee Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Federal Reserve Bank.

In addition, Stivers has been tapped to serve on the Committee on Rules, which is charged with determining which bills reach the House Floor for a vote. Historically, the Committee is often known as “The Speaker’s Committee” because it was chaired by the Speaker up until 1910 and is the means through which the Speaker of the House manages the House Floor. The Committee also determines how long and under what rules the full body of the House will debate each bill.

Throughout his career, Steve Stivers has led the way supporting programs and initiatives to encourage job creation, promote economic development, and put our country’s fiscal house in order. As he wrapped up a successful first term in office, two of Stivers veterans bills, the HIRE at Home Act and TRICARE for Kids, were rolled into the National Defense Authorization Act and signed into law by the President. In his second term in office, Stivers had two bills make their way to the President’s desk. These two bills, H.R. 1391 and H.R. 4189,would re-name two postal facilities located in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District after our fallen veterans. These bills are a small measure Congress can take to honor the lives of brave service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Prior to running for Congress, Stivers served in the Ohio Senate and before that worked in the private sector for the Ohio Company and Bank One, where he focused on promoting economic development and encouraging job creation.

A career soldier, Stivers has served 29 years in the Ohio Army National Guard and holds the rank of Colonel. He served the United States overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar and Djibouti where he led 400 soldiers and contractors and is proud that each and every one returned home safely to the United States. Stivers received the Bronze Star for his leadership throughout the deployment.

Stivers received both his bachelor’s degree and his MBA from The Ohio State University and resides in Columbus with his wife, Karen, and children, Sarah and Sam.

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