Mike Fitzpatrick

Mike Fitzpatrick


Fitzpatrick Statement on FY16 Budget


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) released the following statement Wednesday regarding the passage of the House’s FY16 budget resolution: 

For years, hardworking Americans who are forced to balance their checkbooks have watched Washington fail to even try and maintain its own. With the Senate under new leadership, I am confident that both chambers will finally resume their constitutional duty of debating and passing a budget that helps create better jobs and more opportunities.




Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.



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Fitzpatrick Receives Letters from Students on ‘Unsustainable’ National Debt


LANGHORNE, PA – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) met with Newtown Middle School teacher Joe Fabrizio Thursday at his district office and received 130 letters from students on the growth of the national debt and its impact on their futures.

“Bucks County students get it: We can’t saddle future generations with burdensome debts and expect them to reach their full potential. It’s unfair to them, and it’s dangerous for our nation,” said Fitzpatrick. “Mr. Fabrizio’s students are doing a great job at educating themselves on the impact of the federal government’s massive spending and are ensuring their voices are heard.”

Fitzpatrick received similar letters from students last year and read them at a Financial Services Committee hearing on the impact of the national debt on the economy, capital markets and other areas of federal oversight. David Cote, CEO of Honeywell, who was testifying at the hearing remarked, “They’re absolutely right. They’re the ones that are going to be the most affected by this.”


Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

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Fitzpatrick Amendment to Rail Infrastructure Bill Supports Veteran-Owned Businesses


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) successfully added an amendment to rail infrastructure legislation which passed the House Wednesday that takes the first step toward leveling the playing field for veteran-owned businesses in federal contracting

“The current pool of veteran-owned businesses is getting older - with recent census data showing that 75% of current veteran business owners were age 55 and over,” said Fitzpatrick speaking on the House floor. “We need to be thinking now about how to encourage the next generation of veterans – the more than 250,000 service members currently transitioning from military to civilian life – to take up the job-creating mantle of starting their own veteran-owned businesses.”

Fitzpatrick’s amendment, passed as part of the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act [H.R. 749], directs the Secretary of Transportation to conduct “a nationwide disparity and availability study on the availability and use of” certain classes of small businesses – including veteran-owned businesses.

“While I’m a supporter of having a completely level-playing field throughout federal contracting for every small business, the fact is that today some get a preference when doing business with the federal government where veterans do not. This amendment begins the process of addressing that discrepancy,” added Fitzpatrick.

“Adding veterans to the study included in the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act will give the Department of Transportation a better understanding of the availability of veteran-owned small businesses to help rebuild our crumbling rail infrastructure and - hopefully - help highlight the benefit of embracing veteran-owned businesses in all future federal infrastructure projects.”

“I’d like to congratulate the office of Mr. Fitzpatrick. This is a great amendment – I wish I had thought of it, to be perfectly honest. I look forward to supporting it,” said Congressman Michael Capuano (D-MA) during debate prior to the amendment’s adoption.

The amendment continues Fitzpatrick push for the inclusion of veteran-owned businesses in rebuilding America’s infrastructure. In previous Congresses, Fitzpatrick has introduced the bipartisan Fairness to Veterans for Infrastructure Investment Act which seeks to accomplish that goal.

“SEPTA understands and supports the role our nation’s veterans and veteran-owned businesses can play in rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure,” said Joseph M. Casey, SEPTA General Manager. “We thank Congressman Fitzpatrick for his leadership on this critical issue and continued support both our nation’s veterans and our region’s transit system.”

Fitzpatrick is a member of Congressional Veterans Jobs Caucus and is an outspoken proponent of large scale infrastructure investment through the bipartisan Partnership to Build America Act.



Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

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Fitzpatrick Statement on Netanyahu Address to Congress


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) released the following statement Tuesday regarding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress:

I was pleased to welcome Prime Minster Netanyahu to a joint session of Congress today and appreciated the strength and purpose of his address. As the United States’ strongest ally and a force for democracy and freedom in the Middle East, I stand with Israel and their efforts to protect their homeland and prevent proliferation of those who would see them destroyed.

Mr. Netanyahu’s speech was one which sought to unite us across geographical and ideological lines for the common goal of nuclear-free Iran. As the Obama administration continues moving forward with the P5+1 negotiations with Iran in the coming weeks, it is important to heed Mr. Netanyahu’s words and ensure we are engaging in these discussion in a clear and transparent manner – ensuring a role for both Israel and the United States Congress.

Support for Israel has always been an area of bipartisan agreement in our nation’s capital, and it is my hope that moving forward the differences of opinion on small objections to protocol or politics be moved to the side in favor of the larger objective of a safe Israel and a stable region.

Fitzpatrick is a committed supporter of the U.S.-Israeli alliance and the Israeli people and has visited the country on diplomatic missions in the past. In the last year, Fitzpatrick has signed three letters regarding the P5+1 negotiations and sanctions on Iran. In the 113th Congress he supported both the Nuclear Iran Prevention Act [HR 850] and United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act [HR 938].


Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

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Fitzpatrick Student-Protection Language Strengthens Education Bill


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) took to the House floor this week to urge support for the Student Success Act [H.R. 5], education legislation that includes measures advocated by Fitzpatrick to protect students from teachers or staff known or suspected of sexual misconduct with a minor.

“Last year alone over 450 teachers or school employees across the nation were arrested for misconduct with a child – more than one per day. What’s more, the Department of Education has estimated that nearly 10% of students are targets of educator sexual misconduct sometime during their school career,” said Fitzpatrick speaking on the floor. “Those numbers should be disturbing to every lawmaker - to every parent and grandparent - in this body.

“In an effort to curb this alarming trend I am proud that the Student Success Act, under debate here today, includes language from my Jeremy Bell Act to strengthen student protection efforts and get serious about who is being hired, and transferred, within our school system.”

The language included in the bill comes from Fitzpatrick’s Jeremy Bell Act which passed as a part of larger legislation twice in the 113th Congress. The measure blocks state or local educational agencies from receiving funds if they facilitate the transfer of an employee they know, or have probable cause to believe, that the employee engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor. Furthermore, the language requires the hiring of employees to be compliant with the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act background check requirements. 

“As the husband of an educator, I know the overwhelming majority of teachers, educators, school administrators and support staff are amazing, caring individuals committed to the success of their students,” said Fitzpatrick. “It is as much to protect the good work they do, as well as the safety of our children, that we must pass this legislation and take real steps to address this issue.”

Fitzpatrick has been active in the community in garnering support for this important legislative fix, working with local stakeholders and non-profits to draw attention to the issue of sexual predators in schools and advance this common sense solution.

“We have been glad to be able to work with the Congressman on this very important legislation - we’ll be very glad to see this loophole closed. Here in Bucks County we’re talking about 13 school districts and more than 90,000 children who are going to be protected,” said Julie Dugery, Coordinator of Volunteers and Community Outreach for Network of Victims Assistance (NOVA) of Bucks Co. “It’s important that our children not be at risk in a place that really should be their sanctuary – somewhere they spend seven, eight, nine hours a day in a school setting and it’s important for them to be safe there.”

“Currently, no nationwide background check system is in place for school staff, opening up the possibility of convicted predators gaining employment in a school,” writes Jon Adler, national president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA). “FLEOA strongly supports this measure as an additional tripwire that could ensnare known predators that could otherwise prey upon our children in the classroom.”


Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

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Congressional Ukrainian Caucus Leaders Introduce Resolution


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressional Ukrainian Caucus co-chairs Reps. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Sander Levin (D-MI) and Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) marked the one year anniversary of Ukraine’s Euromaidan demonstrations Tuesday with the introduction of a resolution calling for increased American economic and governmental involvement on the behalf of Ukraine.

“A year ago, the people of Ukraine rallied behind the ideas of economic and governmental reform during the Euromaidan demonstrations – today, the United States must take action to see their goals achieved,” said Fitzpatrick. “This bipartisan resolution calls on Congress and the White House to work in the best interest of our friend and ally, Ukraine, and support a safe and sovereign nation through common sense measures: Supporting serious reform efforts, calling on the President Obama to follow through with the provision of financial and defensive military aid, and encouraging the continuation of anti-corruption efforts in Kiev.”

“On the anniversary of Maidan, this Resolution underscores our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their efforts to chart their own history.  We must fully implement the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, including providing defensive weapons.  In spite of the fragile Minsk Agreement, Ukraine still needs our help to find a solution to a durable cease-fire that can lead to a longer-term solution,” said Levin. “We all know that while there is no pure military solution to what is a political problem, additional U.S. military assistance can help promote a political solution. The Ukrainian people have shown their resolve to build a free and democratic country, and we should support them in achieving that goal.”

“Ukraine is a sovereign nation at a crossroads, fighting for its life and the freedom of its people. Actions we take now will shape the future not only for the people of Ukraine but for all of Europe. This legislation makes a clear and resounding statement that the United States supports the right of free and sovereign people to defend themselves against illegal and violent aggression from beyond  their borders,” said Kaptur. “The Euromaidan demonstrations one year ago today showed the world that a spirit of liberty burns brightly among the Ukrainian people.  It is that same spirit that I saw reflected in the eyes of the Ukrainian Members of Parliament who came to Congress to ask for our help. I urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to adopt this legislation without delay.”  

The resolution calls for the United States to assist Ukraine with economic, social and governmental reform efforts; urges President Obama to immediately act on approved financial and defensive military aid; and encourages Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko to continue anti-corruption efforts. A full text is attached*

Introduction of the bipartisan resolution coincides with the one year anniversary of the Euromaidan demonstrations in Kiev urging for economic expansion with the European Union and government reform. Ultimately, the protests lead to the election of a pro-western government and a return to the 2004 Ukrainian constitution. One hundred and ten civilians and 28 police officers lost their lives in the Euromaidan.


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Fitzpatrick Statement on Keystone XL Pipeline Veto


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) released the following statement Tuesday regarding President Obama’s veto of bipartisan legislation approving the Keystone XL Pipeline – the most studied pipeline in American history – and the 42,000 jobs it would create and support:

Today’s veto is another disappointing, yet unurprising, move by a White House which talks a good game about ‘working together’ and ‘looking for common ground’ but fails to back it up with action. Instead of signing this bipartisan legislation into law and beginning to work with Congress to embrace an all-of-the-above energy strategy that empowers American families and businesses, the president has decided to play the worst kind of politics and capitulate to a small group of partisan activists and big money donors.

The United States is positioned to be an energy super power with a diverse energy portfolio. But we can’t get to the business of declaring energy independence if Washington is going to stand in the way of moving toward a safe, responsible, inclusive energy plan.

The United States is currently home to more than 2.5 million miles of pipeline.  The Keystone XL Pipeline is supported by both labor and business organization ranging from the International Brotherhood of Operating Engineers to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In describing his support for the project, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently noted, “It’s very clear that is in the economic job creation interests of both of our countries, in the energy security interests of North America and a critical step in environmental protection than the alternatives.”


Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

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Fitzpatrick Addresses Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce


IVYLAND, PA –Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) continued his push for a bipartisan, national energy strategy that strengthens the American economy in his annual ‘State of the Nation’ speech to the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Friday morning.

“People are seeing and feeling the benefits of an American commitment to becoming an energy superpower. Expanded and advanced energy exploration, new technologies and the impact of our nation’s abundant natural gas resources have worked in tandem to facilitate the drop in fuel prices,” said Fitzpatrick. “We know that as fuel costs fall, so too does the price at the pump and the price at the checkout counter - good news for American families looking to keep more of what they earn after years of dealing with a sluggish economy.”

The remarks, delivered to over 150 business and community leaders from across the Central Bucks region, centered on the vital role of American energy in supporting the resurgence of the U.S. manufacturing sector, as well as the need for strengthening energy infrastructure.

“While cutting the cost of operating a business can come in many forms – from rolling back burdensome regulations that stifle innovation, to ensuring workers are trained for the jobs of today – one of the biggest costs we can tackle is fighting to keep the cost of energy low,” said Fitzpatrick. “With our state’s resources, we can continue to drive down the cost of fueling these operations, shipping their goods and passing along the price to consumers.  But this must be a bipartisan commitment at the local, state and federal levels.”

Additionally, Fitzpatrick discussed his support for the Partnership to Build America Act, bipartisan legislation with support in the House and Senate aimed at utilizing repatriated corporate earnings to fund $750 billion in infrastructure investment. The measure is similar to plans outlined by the White House and opens to door for long-overdue, bipartisan corporate tax reform.

“We appreciate Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick taking time from his busy schedule to meet with the Chamber and the region’s business leaders to discuss the ‘State of the Nation,” said Dr. Vail P. Garvin, FACHE, president and CEO of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce.

Also addressing the chamber with Fitzpatrick was Ardy Wurtzel, research associate with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, who gave an outlook on economic conditions across the Delaware Valley. After the program, Fitzpatrick and Wurtzel fielded a series of questions from the crowd on several issues.

The Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce consists of approximately 2,000 members representing small, medium and large businesses across Bucks County.


Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

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Fitzpatrick, Sarbanes Reintroduce Environmental Education Bill


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) joined Congressmen John Sarbanes (MD-3) last week in reintroducing the No Child Left Inside Act (NCLI), a bipartisan bill that would bolster American students’ environmental literacy and encourage young learners to become dedicated environmental stewards.

“Promoting environmental education is a down payment on our future. Study after study shows that connecting kids to the world around them improves student achievement in science as well as reading, math and social studies – all which directly strengthen our future global competitiveness,” said Fitzpatrick. “I’m proud to once again work with Congressman Sarbanes on this common-sense bill that will inspire the next generation of doctors, scientists and engineers while ensuring we’re fulfilling our responsibility to promote environmental stewardship and conservation across the country.”

NCLI would provide federal grant funding for teachers who design and implement environmental education programs in, and importantly, outside of the classroom. By enabling new environmental curricula, the bill would also cultivate partnerships and strengthen relationships between school districts, colleges, environmental nonprofits, parks and other community-based organizations.

“Numerous studies show the positive effect of experiential outdoor learning on student development and academic achievement,” said Sarbanes. “However, many schools are forced to scale back or eliminate environmental programs because of budget constraints and the pressures of accountability systems focused on test scores. As Congress reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act this month, I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance NCLI and give educators the tools and resources they need to offer students environmental education programs across the country.”

“The legislation introduced by Congressman Fitzpatrick would help bring this important topic of environmental education to the attention of the public,” said Maryellen Noonan, Environmental Educator with the Bucks County Conservation District. “Many children view the environment only on a screen. Teaching about the environment should be done outdoors, but many teachers lack the tools necessary to be effective environmental educators. This bill will change that.”

Outside of Bucks and Montgomery counties, NCLI is backed by more than 50 million citizens – including supporters from across the political spectrum and in regions all over the country – in addition to more than 2,200 local, regional and national organizations. The  No Child Left Inside Coalition includes the National Education Association, National Science Teachers Association, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, National Wildlife Federation, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Outdoor Industry Association and hundreds of colleges, universities, businesses and health care organizations.

The legislation was reintroduced in the U.S. House of Representatives with 35 original co-sponsors, and companion legislation was introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Mark Kirk (R-IL).


Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

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Reps. Fitzpatrick, Israel Introduce Airline Anti-Terror Bill


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressmen Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) and Steve Israel (NY-3) introduced bipartisan legislation Wednesday which would protect Americans from 9/11-style terror attacks by requiring the installation of secondary cockpit barriers on most commercial aircraft.

The Saracini Aviation Safety Act [H.R. 911] mandates inexpensive, light weight wire-mesh gates to be installed between the passenger cabin and the cockpit door that would block access to the flight deck whenever the cockpit door is opened during flight. The legislation is named in honor of pilot Captain Victor J. Saracini, who was killed when terrorists hijacked United Flight 175 on September 11, 2001. Saracini’s widow, Ellen, is a leading advocate on the issue since her husband’s death.

“I never want another family go through what mine did when terrorists breached the cockpit of my husband’s airplane on September 11, 2001.  It is my mission to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect the flight deck aboard our nation’s airliners because, without secondary barriers, we are just as vulnerable today as we were on that day,” said Saracini. "That’s why I am pleased that, thanks to the leadership of Reps. Fitzpatrick and Israel, the 114th Congress is prepared to address the important issue of secondary barriers and begin protecting in the skies above us.”

“Since 2001, there have been at least 43 hijacking attempts around the world, five of which were successful. We know the threat to our nation from foreign terror groups or lone wolf actors continues to exist onboard our nation’s aircraft, yet we’re not taking steps to stop them by installing secondary barriers,” said Rep. Fitzpatrick. “The bipartisan Saracini Aviation Safety Act is a common sense, cost effective approach to protecting the flight deck on commercial airplanes and provides a life-saving line of defense for pilots, flight attendants and passengers. I’m grateful to have Representative Israel join me in pushing for this vital update and the continued effort to protect Americans from terror.”

“Sadly, we learned on 9/11 that terrorists will exploit every weakness in commercial aviation. Installing secondary barriers on commercial aircraft is a common-sense step we can take to bolster the safety of pilots, flight attendants and passengers for a fraction of the cost of an inflight entertainment system,” said Rep. Israel. “I’m pleased to work with Rep. Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Saracini to advocate for the safety of our skies and our continued fight against terrorism.”

The Saracini Aviation Safety Act was introduced in the 113th Congress and garnered widespread bipartisan support, including 71 co-sponsors in the House and Senate. The bill is endorsed by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), the Allied Pilots Association (APA), the US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA), the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association (CAPA), the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), NY / NJ Port Authority, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) and 9/11 Families.

**Additional documents attached


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Contact Information

2400 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-4276
Fax 202-225-9511

Committee Assignments

Financial Services

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is a lifelong resident of Bucks County, where he has been an active member of his community for decades.  In the 113th Congress, Mike’s number one priority is job creation.  Mike recognizes that government does not create jobs, but fosters an environment in which the private sector can create permanent, family sustaining jobs.

Mike graduated from Bishop Egan High School in Fairless Hills and earned his bachelor’s degree while working his way through St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. Upon graduation, Mike was awarded the university’s highest service award.

Following graduation, Mike returned to Pennsylvania and in 1988, he graduated from Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law. While attending law school Mike was the Business Manager of the Dickinson Journal of International Law.  Mike is admitted to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In 1995, Mike was appointed to the Bucks County Board of Commissioners where he served for ten years.  As a Bucks County Commissioner Mike was a champion of responsible county social service programs, job creation and efficient government administration.  He fought to preserve over 11,000 acres of beautiful farmland, parkland and critical natural areas. His record on open space earned him recognition from a variety of environmental organizations, including the Greenspace Alliance.

During his time as Commissioner, Mike led the fight to establish the county’s first Enterprise Zone, a project that eventually led to the creation of over 4,000 private sector jobs in Bucks County.

As a Member of the 109th Congress Mike demonstrated himself to be an independently- minded advocate for his constituents. He fought for stronger borders, lower taxes and smaller budget deficits. Locally he worked successfully to bring the National Veterans’ Cemetery to Bucks County.  Mike was also instrumental in flood mitigation efforts along the Neshaminy Creek watershed, which had been plagued by persistent flooding.

Mike returned to Congress in 2011 after practicing law in Bucks County focusing on representing small businesses and local governments.

Mike and his wife Kathy have been married twenty-four years and have six children – three girls (Katie, Maggie and Molly) and three boys (Jimmy, Mick and Tommy). An Eagle Scout, Mike has remained active in Scouting and is a past-President of the Bucks County Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

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