Dave Reichert

Dave Reichert


Reichert, Larsen Introduce Bill to Help Small Businesses Overcome Exporting Hurdles


Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Dave Reichert (WA-8), and Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-2),  introduced a bill to help small businesses in Washington state, and across the country, export their products overseas. The bipartisan State Trade and Export Promotion Utilization Program for American Small Businesses Act of 2015 would reauthorize funding for the State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) program that helps small businesses overcome hurdles to exporting. 

“As our small businesses are looking to export their goods and services to other countries for the first time, we should ensure that they have the tools they need to expand their reach. With 96% of consumers living outside of our borders, this is where the opportunity lies for them to grow their business and hire more people here at home. I look forward to continued work with my colleague from Washington in support of America’s small businesses,” Congressman Reichert said.

“When we help our small businesses sell their goods overseas, we create jobs here at home. The STEP program does just that. Take Warm Industrial Nonwovens in Lynnwood, Wash., which manufactures textiles. STEP grants have enabled this local manufacturer to attend international trade shows and get its products in front of major aerospace manufacturers,” Congressman Larsen said. “STEP grants have helped hundreds of small businesses like Warm Industrial to generate millions of dollars in sales. I am pleased to work with Congressman Reichert on this bipartisan bill to help Northwest businesses grow and create jobs.”  

The STEP program was created by Congress in 2010 as a three-year pilot program. In Washington state, over 480 businesses have used STEP funding to boost their exports. According to the Washington State Department of Commerce, this has resulted in an increase of more than $161 million in export sales and supported more than 2,200 jobs. Algona-based Cimtech, Inc. and Lynnwood-based Warm Industrial Nonwovens both used STEP grants to make contracts abroad.

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Reichert Introduces Bill to End Cash For Cons


Washington, D.C – Today, U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert ( WA-8) introduced H.R. 2503, the Permanently Ending Receipt by Prisoners (PERP) Act to ensure that incarcerated individuals are not improperly receiving Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. As a former Sheriff and the former Chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee overseeing the UI program, Congressman Reichert blended his unique experience and expertise to develop this legislation that will protect unemployment benefits for those truly in need by ensuring they are not being paid to ineligible individuals.  

Rep. Reichert said, “It has become clear that states are not doing enough to properly administer unemployment benefits.  It’s important that we protect these benefits for the hard-working, law-abiding men and women who have fallen on hard times and need to be able to put food on the table for their families. A lack of oversight is allowing some in jail to continue to receive UI benefits even though they are unable to fulfill the program’s “able and available” to work requirement. It is simply wrong that we have not prevented this money from being misspent on those who do not deserve it, and we should act quickly to ensure it is redirected to those who do.”

Under existing UI program rules that operate in all states, an individual must be able, available, and actively seeking work in order to be eligible to collect UI benefits, which are paid to those who are unemployed through no fault of their own.  Individuals confined in jails, prisons, and other penal institutions are by definition not “able and available” to work and have historically been presumed to be not eligible for UI benefits. 

The PERP Act will:

  1. Bar States from paying UI checks to local, state and federal prisoners, strengthening a current implied prohibition because prisoners are not “able and available” for work.
  2. Require State UI agencies to regularly compare UI rolls with currently available inmate rosters to ensure UI checks are not paid to current inmates.  At a minimum, States must access and use prisoner information the Social Security Administration has collected and used since the mid-1990s to prevent the payment of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit checks to currently incarcerated individuals.  This current data match is simple, quick, efficient, and can readily be replicated by States to ensure that UI benefit checks are no longer paid to prisoners.

Congressman Reichert was joined by original co-sponsors Charles Boustany (R-LA) and Jim Renacci (R-OH) in reintroducing this legislation.

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Reichert Statement on Foster Youth Shadow Day 2015


Mr. Speaker, I rise to talk a little bit about foster care. As many of my colleagues are aware, today is Foster Youth Shadow Day and this morning I had the pleasure of meeting with Dawna – a foster youth who spent 7 years in the foster care system of my home state of Washington. Fortunately for Dawna, she was adopted when aged out of care. But for many foster kids this is not the case. In 2013, over 23,000 kids aged out without finding a forever family. And, even the kids that do find their forever families are often mistreated and abused while in the system. Dawna was overprescribed psychotropic medications and forced unnecessarily into an adolescent psychiatric hospital. Her story is not the only one like it. When I was Chairman of the Human Resources Subcommittee of the Ways and Means Committee we held a hearing on this very issue and heard many other similar stories. This is a tragedy and it is unacceptable. We can do more to help our youth in foster care, they are our responsibility and we cannot let them down. I will continue to fight to provide youth in the foster system the best possible care, and to help them find forever families, and I urge the rest of this Congress to do the same. Thank you.

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Reichert Attends White House Signing Ceremony for Blue Alert Legislation


Washington, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (WA-8) issued the following statement after returning from the White House signing ceremony of the Reichert-Cardin legislation, the Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act of 2015, with President Obama and the families of Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu:

“There has been a lot of hard-work put into this new law, because I, as well as my Congressional colleagues, know that the National Blue Alert Act is critical to the safety of law enforcement across the country. These are the men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day. We’ve seen how costly that can be – 117 officers died in line of duty last year, and 44 have already died this year.  Implementing Blue Alert systems nation-wide could help apprehend more quickly the criminals who injure and kill police officers, and it could even save cops’ lives by alerting the public to active, credible threats. It has been my honor to play a role in getting this bill to the President’s desk for his signature today. It was a proud moment to be there with the families of two of our fallen heroes and I look forward to continuing to serve our law enforcement just as they serve to protect our communities.”

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Reichert Statement on Peace Officers Memorial Day


Washington, D.C. – Today, in honor of the 53rd annual Peace Officers Memorial Day, U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (WA-8) issued the following statement:

“Every year, we set aside a day to remember the sacrifices of the men and women wearing the badge who gave everything they had, including their lives, to keep others safe. Without them, our communities and our nation would be far less safe. Having served 33 years in law enforcement, this is very near and dear to my heart. Two of my best friends are listed among the names on our national memorial – Sergeant Sam Hicks and Deputy Mike Raburn. There is no higher commendation than to say someone thought more of others than they did themselves, and Sam and Mike deserve that commendation, as they proved it to be the foundation of their lives. This is why I have also introduced a resolution today to express the sense of Congress that law enforcement deserve the utmost respect and recognition. So join me today in remembering the 117 who died in the line of duty last year to protect us, and the 44 who have already died this year. They are gone but not forgotten.”

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Reichert and Pascrell Introduce Bill to Reauthorize COPS Funding


Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Congressmen Dave Reichert (R-WA) and Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) introduced the  COPS Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2015 (H.R. 2318). They were joined by original co-sponsors Pete King (R-NY), Suzan DelBene (D-WA), Leonard Lance (R-NJ), John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), Dan Benishek (R-MI), Richard Hanna (R-NY), and Charlie Dent (R-PA).  The legislation, which would continue the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant programs, helps provide funding to hire law enforcement officials, including school resources officers, to help solve problems before they escalate.

Reps. Reichert and Pascrell said, “This legislation is critical to give law enforcement the tools they need to do their job – a job that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without our men and women wearing the badge, crime on the streets will rise and our communities will suffer. We all want to ensure this does not happen, and this modest investment in the effectiveness of local law enforcement can lead to great strides in accomplishing that goal.”

“I applaud the introduction of COPS Reauthorization by Congressmen Reichert and Pascrell,” said Mitch Barker, Executive Director of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. “This grant program is critical to local law enforcement all across the nation, including Washington State, allowing us to hire and train responsible members of law enforcement to keep our communities safe. Programs like COPS help us lower the crime rate by putting police funding where it is needed most, which counters problems before they arise, and make us more effective.”

The COPS Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2015 (H.R. 2318) would reauthorize and codify the Community Oriented Policing Services or COPS office within the Department of Justice. The bill would also expand current grant opportunities offered by the office to include the TROOPS-TO-COPS program providing for the hiring of former members of the Armed Services and a technology grant program focused on crime prevention. The funding also allows communities to take advantage of existing technologies that would not otherwise be available and ensures effectiveness and accountability.

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Reichert Bill to Protect Public Safety Officers' Retirement Passes House


Washington, D.C. – Today, the Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act (H.R. 2146), introduced by U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA) and Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) passed the House by a vote of 407 to 5. This bill would ensure fairness for federal public safety officials by allowing them to access retirement savings at the age of 50 after 20 years of service without the application of the 10% tax.

Generally, under current law, a 10% penalty is added on top of normal tax amounts taken out of retirement accounts before the age of 59½.  In 2006, Congress recognized that state and local public safety officials should be able to access their accounts without penalty at age 50 due to the fact that many of these officials are eligible to retire at earlier ages due to the unique and hazardous nature of the work they perform.  Congressmen Reichert and Pascrell’s bill would simply extend this benefit to federal law enforcement and firefighters, who are eligible to retire after 20 years of service at age 50.   

Rep. Reichert said, “I spent 33 years in law enforcement.  I know from my own experience and those that I worked with just how strenuous of a job protecting our fellow Americans can be. You never know when or what kind of situation you might be called to intervene in. It is taxing both mentally and physically – sometimes so much so that officers are subject to mandatory retirement at young ages. As a result, they may need to access savings earlier than a standard retirement age.  We should ensure they are granted access, without penalty, and that is what this bill does.”

“This legislation will finally place federal public safety officers on par with their state and local counterparts, allowing them to fairly access their earned benefits,” stated Rep. Pascrell. “The physical demands placed on our public safety officers as they protect our communities often require retirement at an earlier age than other professions, and it’s our duty to ensure the tax code treats these brave men and women fairly.”

"This legislation is about fairness and bringing equity to the brave men and women who fill the ranks of federal law enforcement agencies," said Federal Law Enforcement Association President Jon Adler. "We are grateful to Reps. Reichert, Pascrell, Reed, and Fitzpatrick for taking the lead on this legislation recognizing the sacrifice and service of America's federal law enforcement officers."

General President of the International Association of Fire Fighters Harold A. Schaitberger said, “On behalf of more than 300,000 men and women who serve on the front lines in protecting our communities, I want to thank and commend Representatives Dave Reichert and Bill Pascrell for their leadership on this important issue.   Current law prevents federal fire fighters from accessing their retirement savings even after they have to reached retirement age and separate from service.   The Reichert-Pascrell initiative corrects this inequity, and will provide those fire fighters who protect defense installations and other vital federal facilities with a small measure of retirement security.”

H.R. 2146 passed the House during National Police Week along with 2 other bills to support law enforcement: the Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act of 2015, also introduced by Reichert and Pascell and the Don’t Tax Our Fallen Public Safety Heroes Act introduced by Congressman Erik Paulsen (R-MN).

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Reichert Applauds Passage of Blue Alert: "We have an obligation"


Washington, D.C. – Today, the House unanimously passed the Senate version of the Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act of 2015, introduced in the House by the chairmen of the Law Enforcement Caucus, U.S. Congressmen Dave Reichert (R-WA) and Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ).   The bill, supported by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), the Sergeants Benevolent Association of the New York City Police Department (SBA) and many other organizations, would establish national guidelines to help states implement Blue Alert systems across the country to apprehend criminals who have injured, killed, or made imminent and credible threats against police officers. On April 30, the Senate unanimously passed the Blue Alert legislation.  

“This is about protecting lives – lives like those of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu who this bill was named for and who were assassinated in their patrol car just before Christmas,” said Rep. Reichert. “Our communities are safer and stronger because the men and women in law enforcement stand up to protect them each and every day. I am honored to have been a part of getting this bill through Congress and on its way to the President’s desk, along with my colleagues Bill Pascrell, and Senators Cardin and Graham. We have an obligation to support the 900,000 men and women wearing the badge, and this is a critical step to ensuring they, and our communities, are kept safe from harm.”

“The grave risk that our law enforcement officers face was tragically confirmed again this past Christmas when on-duty NYPD officers Ramos and Liu were murdered while simply sitting in their squad car,” stated Rep. Pascrell.  “The sobering reality is that each week there seems to be a new headline of a police officer being injured or killed in the line of duty. I’m proud to work with Congressman Reichert on getting this critical legislation passed and to the President’s desk so we can provide our law enforcement officers the protection they need and deserve.”

Blue Alerts are based on the successful Amber Alerts and can be issued in the event of:

  • an attack on a law enforcement officers leading to his / her death or serious injury;
  • a conclusion a law enforcement office is missing in the line of duty; or
  • a confirmation by a law enforcement agency that an imminent and credible threat exists to kill or seriously injure one of its officers.

The legislation would also assign an existing DOJ officer to act as the national coordinator of the Blue Alert communications network. This Coordinator would, among other things:

  • Provide assistance to State and local governments that are using Blue Alert plans.
  • Establish voluntary guidelines for states and local governments to use in developing such plans.
  • Develop protocols for efforts to apprehend suspects, including the use of public safety communications and command center operations.
  • Work with states to ensure appropriate regional coordination of the network.
  • Establish an advisory group to assist all entities involved in the network with the facilitation, promotion, and implementation of Blue Alert plans.
  • Act as the nationwide point of contact for the development of the network and the regional coordination of Blue Alerts through the network.
  • Determine what procedures and practices are in use for notifying law enforcement and the public of Blue Alerts, and which of the procedures and practices are effective and do not require the expenditure of additional resources to implement.
  • Establish guidelines that provide mechanisms to ensure that Blue Alerts comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations.
  • Direct the Coordinator to submit an annual report to Congress on the Coordinator's activities and the effectiveness and status of the Blue Alert plans that are in effect or being developed.
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8th District Congressional Art Competition Winners Announced


Washington – U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert is excited to announce the 8th District of Washington’s winning selection for this year’s Congressional Art Competition.  At a reception held this evening at the Green River Community College, the drawing “Oh, Honey!” by Katherine Lasko from Bonney Lake High School was chosen from among the many entries.

“The best part about the Congressional Art Competition is seeing the creativity of so many high school students and the pride they take in their work.  Choosing among them just one winner is a daunting task and I don’t know how our panel does this each and every year. This year’s winner – “Oh, Honey!” by Katherine Lasko – will add to the long legacy of outstanding artwork from the 8th District of Washington hanging in the U.S. Capitol Building. I congratulate Katherine for her achievement, and thank her for sharing her talent with our district and nation.”

Second and third place went to Reed Phillips from Tahoma Senior High School and Rylie Sweem from Wenatchee High School respectively. Reed’s submission was a photograph entitled “Over the Northwest” and Rylie submitted a drawing entitled “The Sea”. This year, at the final reception, a people’s choice winner was selected and this recognition went to Emily Plank from Tahoma Senior High School for her photograph of Suzallo Library at the University of Washington.


Since 1982, the Congressional Art Competition has provided high school students throughout the nation with the opportunity to demonstrate their artistic abilities and compete for the chance to display their work in the Cannon Tunnel in the U.S. Capitol Building.  It is a competition that encourages students to participate fully in a well-rounded school curriculum and Congressman Reichert, a member of the Congressional Arts Caucus, has participated in the program every year since taking office.

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ICYMI: Reichert Says Senate Passage of Blue Alert "Critical" In Light of Recent Events


Washington, D.C. – After last night's passage in the Senate of the Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act, U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (WA-8) issued the following statement:

“Being able to implement Blue Alert Systems more efficiently across the country is one step closer to becoming reality with the passage of the Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act in the Senate. I hope the House will take up the Reichert-Cardin legislation soon so we can get it to the White House and signed into law.  We have seen, particularly in light of recent events, just how important it is to protect those who spend their lives protecting us. Our nation’s law enforcement officers run towards danger instead of away from it. And sometimes, danger finds them, when they themselves are targeted. We must do everything in our power to ensure their safety, and work together to keep our communities safe all across this country.”

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Contact Information

1127 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-7761
Fax 202-225-4282

Committee Assignments

Ways and Means

Congressman Dave Reichert brings over 40 years of public service experience to Washington. Reichert is serving his fifth term as the Representative from the Eighth Congressional District of Washington.

Congressman Reichert serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, with appointments to two subcommittees: Trade and Human Resources, of which he is Chairman.

Reichert has a remarkable record of service. Decisive leadership, integrity and tireless dedication are his hallmarks. From 1971 through 1976, Reichert was a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve. In 1972 Reichert joined the King County Sheriff’s Office and in 1997 he became the first elected sheriff in 30 years. Under his leadership, the county saw a significant drop in violent crime. Reichert brought national recognition to the Sheriff’s Office as head of the Green River Task Force solving the largest serial murder case in U.S. history. As Sheriff, Reichert also brought an unprecedented $28 million in federal funding to King County law enforcement efforts.

Sheriff Reichert established himself as a leading voice against domestic violence and an advocate of strong family values. In 2004 Reichert received the prestigious National Sheriffs’ Association’s “Sheriff of the Year” award. He is a two-time Medal of Valor Award recipient from the King County Sheriff’s Office and was honored with Washington Policy Center’s Champion of Freedom Award. Reichert received the Families Northwest Public Policy Award and took top honors in a local television network’s (King 5) leadership poll.

Reichert served as president of the Washington State Sheriffs’ Association and an executive board member of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. He has served on numerous advisory boards including the King County Criminal Justice Council and the King County Domestic Violence Council. Reichert co-chaired the Washington State Partners in Crisis, a statewide coalition targeting issues related to mental health. Reichert also was a leader in the fight against Meth in Washington State by implementing annual Statewide Conferences, State Meth Action Teams, and was co-chair of the KC Meth Coalition. As Sheriff, he was also a member of the KC Committee to End Homelessness. He currently serves as a member of the Special Olympics of Washington State Board of Directors.

Dave Reichert was born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, in 1950, the oldest of seven children and grandson of the town marshal. His family moved to Washington State in 1951, living first in Renton and later in Kent, where Reichert attended Kent Meridian High School. He graduated with an A.A. degree from Concordia Lutheran College in Portland, Oregon, where he played football and met his wife of 42 years, Julie. The Reicherts currently live in Auburn and have three grown children, Angela, Tabitha and Daniel, and six grandchildren.

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